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Deith Business Brokers

Deith Business Brokers & Advisors has proven it self as one of the top business sales teams in South Florida. We have distinguished ourselves with the outstanding quality and professionalism of our business intermediaries, excellence in our procedures and deal management and, most importantly our dedication to our clients’ success. Deith Business Brokers & Advisors focuses on transactions in south Florida but services customers through the state of Florida.

Services Provided

*Determine the market value of the business to be sold
*Prepare an informational review describing the business to be sold
*Market to prospective buyers on behalf of the seller on a CONFIDENTIAL basis
*Qualify prospective buyers on their financial capability in buying
*Assist the seller in evaluating offers and negotiating terms of the sale
*Facilitate the transaction in conjunction with the seller’s tax and legal advisors



Introduction for David Deith

David Deith is a Florida Business Broker. David brings extensive experience in the real business world to his commercial real estate career. He opened his first business at the tender age of 19. He then owned and operated a hugely successful car wash company in north Palm Beach County for over 25 years. In addition, David has hands-on experience with restaurants and other lines of business in Palm Beach and Dade Counties. His experience in business gives David the perspective to identify with the market from both sides of the deal. As a long-time businessman in South Florida, David’s contacts include hundreds of business owners and moneyed interests throughout the region. David Deith stands apart from other commercial realtors owing to his steadfast “customer first” philosophy and his overriding belief in communication and integrity as the cornerstones of a successful commercial real estate transaction.

From David, “I have a lifetime of hands-on business experience that I seek to impart to each and every one of my clients. For instance, when I was just 18 years old, I bought a car wash at auction for $10 and, 30 days later, sold it for over $250,000. Although it was definitely good fortune, I had the business acumen to understand the inherent value and potential of that run-down car wash. Over the next several years, I bought and sold a nightclub, a pizzeria, and a restaurant — and owned and managed a highly profitable car wash for over 25 years. Being a successful businessman myself has afforded me unique insight into what both buyers and sellers look for when approaching a deal.”